How to Deposit by Phone Bill on a Casino

Making a deposit by phone bill to your favourite online casino is a super simple, and increasingly popular, way to transfer cash into your account. Let’s face it, we can pretty much do anything and everything from our phone’s, so why not deposit by phone bill to casinos? If you play from your mobile, then it really is the best way to quickly deposit your cash. The less time it takes you to deposit cash, the more time you’ll have to play all of your favourite casino games and now that it is so easy to top up your account, there really is no excuse.
If you want to know how to deposit by phone bill and what the benefits are compared to other payment options, then carry on reading.

How To Deposit by Phone Bill?

If you have never made a deposit by phone bill, then you are really missing out. While it may seem daunting, or even unsecure, this could not be further from the truth as it is actually the complete opposite. To make a deposit by phone bill, all you need to do is have a mobile number and you’re set to go. Even players who do not have a monthly phone bill can use this payment option.

Basically, this payment works by the casino charging your deposits to your phone bill. Then, each month, you pay this off when you pay off your mobile balance. It couldn’t be simpler. When you go to deposit by phone bill, you’ll receive a text message from your mobile phone provider asking you to authorise the payment, and once you reply back authorising the payment you can get started playing all of your favourite games.

deposit by mobile

Why Deposit By Phone Bill?

One of the main reasons why you should make a deposit by phone bill to your favourite online casino site is really just the convenience of it. If you are playing games anyway from your phone, then why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone and use this type of payment method. This means you can also keep better track of your cash as you play as players can set daily limits on their phone, which is particularly good for those of you who can get carried away while playing and need a budget to stick to.
Many players also wrongly believe that this type of payment method is not very safe. This is not true and because you are not exchanging your bank details with the site you are depositing on, it is arguably safer, plus, because you have to authorise every payment there is no need to worry about your cash going astray. It also means that your card details cannot be passed onto any annoying 3rd parties that won’t let you play you games from your mobile because you’re too busy answering cold calls!

Remember, not all casino sites will let you deposit by phone bill, so always double check before signing up to a new site that you can use this type of payment method.