Playing Roulette on a New Online Casino

Online roulette is perhaps the most well-known new online casino game in history. There are now thousands of versions available to play on a new online casino and online roulette can be grouped into plenty of categories. Perhaps the most common of these would be the two main places where physical and online roulette has originated from. These are the European and American versions and like with many casino games, each has their own benefits and structures. We thought we would take a look at both versions of the online roulette game to see how they differ from one and other.

European Roulette on a New Online Casino

When it comes playing the European game on a new online casino a lot of players will argue the merits of the European version. Sometimes European online roulette can be known as French roulette and the game basically includes a wheel and a metal ball which is thrown onto the table and players will then place their online roulette bets. The pockets on the table for European online roulette range from 1-36 and you can bet on numerous different variables. If the ball lands in a pocket that you have bet on then you will win a payout based on your wager and any odds that come into play. This variant can be found on most new online casino sites. More at

There is also a 0 pocket which is green in colour on European online roulette and this can sometimes be known as the “house number” for the European version. It can force what’s known as a house edge into the game and you will find the house edge present on every new online casino that you choose to play on. If you bet on red or black (which is the most common type of bet on online roulette) then you will receive odds of 2/1 due to the fact that half the numbers are black and half are red.

American Roulette on a New Online Casino

It must be stated that the American version of online roulette has the same rules as is European counterpart but there is a few differences that set it apart and this game is perhaps slightly less popular in the UK on a new online casino. American online roulette has an extra green slot which is known as the “double zero” slot meaning that there is one additional pocket on the wheel. This can help the new online casino player win more cash and it can also help you win big.

In a general sense, the European online roulette version is more popular because it can win you a larger sum of money overall on the majority of new online casino sites. The US version of the game is less popular because of this reason and the best advice we can give is to be sure you know what version you are playing before you make a deposit and starting gambling for real cash.

Online roulette on a new online casino is a game of chance and whatever version you choose there is still an element of prediction and guess work which rings true for most online casino games. Be sure to take the time to find the game that suits your playstyle and budget before making a final decision. There are different strategies as well so if you lose money at the start don’t lose heart as the game requires a learning experience just like with any other. Good luck and we hope you win big on your chosen new online casino site of choice.

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