Quick Steps to Get Started with a Pay by Phone Casino

Have you ever used a pay by phone casino before? If not, then you really are missing out as it is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to deposit your cash quickly and safely to your casino account. In this day and age, it is rare not to see people staring at their phones as they go about their daily life, and so using a pay by phone casino will fit the lifestyle of most no matter whether you have a 9-5 job and take the train every day to work, or are a busy mum who needs a break from the kids!

Sound exciting? Well, that’s because it is! We know you probably lead a very hectic lifestyle, maybe like the ones mention above and that’s why we have created this quick step guide for you on how to get started depositing at a pay by phone casino.

Start Depositing Today at a Pay by Phone Casino

If you already have a favourite mobile casino that you love to use and already play regularly on, then chances are if you do not play on it through your mobile browser then you have downloaded their pay by casino app and both ways make it super easy to quickly deposit your cash. However, if you have not played at this type of casino before, then get signed up to one today that definitely accepts payments by phone as you don’t want to go through the process of signing up to what you thought was a pay by phone casino only to find out after you’ve deposited your cash that it is not! When looking for a good pay by phone casino, you’ll also want to have a shop around for the best welcome bonuses and see what mobile casino have the best game selections on offer that will most suit your needs.

Once you are all signed up to a mobile casino of your choice the process of making your deposit is really simple from there. Simply hit the button that says something along the lines of paying by phone, SMS or mobile billing, fill out the amount that you would like to deposit which will take you a matter of seconds, and then your cash will be deposited into your account almost instantly, so there’s no hanging about and you can get started playing all of your favourite games right away.

Is it Better to Deposit by Mobile Than e-Wallet?

When it comes to e-Wallets most people will be familiar with PayPal, which makes it an obvious depositing choice when seen on a pay by phone casino, however, depositing by phone is a better all-round option.

All you need to deposit your cash by phone is a valid phone number, while e-Wallets require you to sign up for an account and link up your bank details, making them overall, much less safe. Furthermore, many e-Wallets also charge you for their services, which mobile depositing does not.

Get started depositing at a pay by phone casino today, and you never know, you could be taking home a huge cash prize!