Safety on a PayPal Casino

An Introduction to PayPal casino Safety

Playing in an paypal casino can offer you the chance to win huge amounts of cash, if you play safely. There are a number of signals and clues to look out for to ensure that you’re playing in the right place.
The first thing you’ll want to check is the licence, as unlicensed casinos are a no go for players. There are so many reasons that you want to keep on the right side of the law with these sites. Many unlicensed casinos are not fair play tested, don’t pay out and could even blackmail their players. Simply checking for a valid gambling licence can save you a whole lot of hassle.

PayPal casino Safe Payment Methods

Even if an paypal casino has all of the correct paperwork to back it up, you might not want to share your card details with it. This is good practice, as paypal casino operators can be vulnerable to a hack or leak of payment details.

Thankfully, there are other services out there that will help you keep your private details to yourself. PayPal casinos and pay by phone casinos are always popular with players for this reason. The best way to keep your card details safe is to use a middle man, like the two above, so you never have to enter your card details into a site directly.

The other advantage to using a safe payment method in an paypal casino is that you may get cashed out faster. Transfers via PayPal, for example, can take up to 5 days less time than a bank transfer. When you win a jackpot, you want your cash as soon as possible so this is brilliant news for savvy players.

Tips for Selecting a Great paypal casino

Ok, now that we’ve covered the red flags in paypal casino sites, here are some positive features that you can watch out for.

The ability to view the RTP (Return to Player) of any specific game is a massive deciding factor. This statistic will show you how often and how much you can expect to win per game. It’s calculated from an average of all wagers ever placed on the game, so you know it’s reliable.
If you want to become a millionaire overnight then playing in an paypal casino with a selection of progressive jackpots will give you that opportunity. These are games in which every wager is contributed to the overall jackpot of the game, which means they can reach an astronomical amount.

Taking a peek at the terms and conditions of various offers will also reveal what you can expect from an paypal casino. If they seem misleading or unfair then you can choose to play elsewhere for a better experience.

Finally, you may want to avoid paypal casino sites that have fees for depositing or withdrawing. These sites are definitely in the minority but do still exist and you might not be aware until you’ve already completed your transaction. Be thorough when selecting an paypal casino and you won’t get caught out.

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